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You wouldn’t go to a journalist for legal advice, would you? And we don’t think you should take sports and fitness advice from copywriters without qualifications either. So at Our Sporting Life, we work with qualified professionals in multiple areas of fitness and wellbeing to create content, share advice and bring you sound, accurate and scientifically backed advice. And we often seek out the expertise of those who actually take part in the sports we’re writing about to make sure what we’re saying is right!

Here are some of the wonderful writers, editors and proofreaders involved.

Dr Andres Maldonado

Dr Andres Maldonado


Andres Maldonado is a a doctor currently located in Venezuela and working at the country’s International Unit of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. 

Melanie Gilder

personal trainer

Melanie Gilder is a qualified personal trainer and dance teacher who specialises in female fitness. She works with clients to achieve improved fitness as well as weight loss.

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what's the point in planking
Melanie Gilder

What’s the point in planking?

It seems like the plank is amongst the most popular exercises, perhaps down to the competitive nature of social media users competing over who can hold theirs the longest.

But is the plank actually a worthwhile exercise and what are the benefits?

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