12 Obscure Facts About Fulham

Colourful Sketch of Fulham's Craven Cottage
Fulham Football Club, known for its historic ground and loyal fan base, is a treasure trove of fascinating stories and facts. Let’s take a stroll down the less trodden path and discover some of the more obscure and intriguing aspects of this venerable London club.


The Origin of ‘The Cottagers’

Fulham FC is affectionately known as ‘The Cottagers’, a nickname derived from the iconic Craven Cottage. This historic stadium, their home since 1896, features an actual cottage in one corner, giving the club a unique characteristic in English football.

A Pioneering International Tour

In 1905, Fulham embarked on an ambitious international tour, becoming one of the first English clubs to play in Austria and Hungary. This groundbreaking tour helped establish the club’s reputation beyond British shores.

The Michael Jackson Statue

In a curious twist, a statue of Michael Jackson was once erected outside Craven Cottage. Commissioned by former owner Mohamed Al Fayed, a friend of Jackson, the statue was a unique and somewhat controversial feature until its removal in 2013.

Fulham in Agatha Christie’s Mystery

Fulham FC finds an intriguing mention in Agatha Christie’s renowned detective fiction. In her novel “The Seven Dials Mystery,” characters discuss going to see a Fulham match, seamlessly integrating the club into the narrative.

Celebrity Connections

Fulham’s fanbase includes several high-profile names. Notably, actor Hugh Grant and television presenter Richard Osman are known supporters, showcasing the club’s appeal to a diverse range of personalities.

The Record Attendance

Fulham’s record attendance at Craven Cottage is 49,335, set in 1938 during a match against Millwall. This historic figure stands as a testament to the club’s popularity in the pre-war era.

A Unique FA Cup Distinction

Fulham holds the unique distinction of reaching the FA Cup final as a third-tier team in 1975. Despite losing to West Ham in the final, their run remains one of the most remarkable achievements in FA Cup history.

Fulham’s World Cup Winner

George Cohen, a key member of England’s 1966 World Cup-winning team, spent his entire club career at Fulham. His achievements highlight the quality of players the club has produced over the years.

The Riverside Stand’s Historical Significance

The Riverside Stand at Craven Cottage is notable for its picturesque setting along the Thames. This stand, often featured in broadcasts, adds a unique charm to the stadium, blending football with the scenic beauty of the river.

Fulham’s Youngest Ever Player

Matthew Briggs holds the record for being the youngest ever player in the Premier League, making his debut for Fulham at just 16 years and 65 days old in 2007. This record is a testament to Fulham’s commitment to nurturing young talent.

The Oldest Professional Football Club in London

Fulham is proud to be the oldest professional football club in London, founded in 1879. This rich history is a crucial part of the club’s identity and adds to its charm and character.

The Film and TV Cameos

Fulham FC and Craven Cottage have made several appearances in films and TV shows, including the movie “The Omen” and the popular TV series “The Bill”. These appearances have helped to cement the club’s place in popular culture.

Conclusion: Fulham’s Hidden Gems

Fulham Football Club’s journey is dotted with unique and less known stories that add to its allure. From historic tours to unusual statues and celebrity fans, each fact contributes to the rich narrative of this storied club.

Have we missed any obscure facts about Fulham FC? If you have a hidden gem about the club, we’d love to hear it. Share your unique insights, and if we use your fact, you’ll definitely get the credit you deserve!


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