Is AI changing the landscape of the Cheltenham Festival?

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Despite horse racing attracting its fair share of controversy in recent years, it remains a much loved sport by many in the UK. And one of the horse racing calendar's pinnacle events is the Cheltenham festival. As it approaches once again this year, we take a look at whether developments in AI might change the landscape of this annual event.


Horse racing as attracted its share of controversy in recent years. Nonetheless, the sport continues to attract fans (young and old). A number of iconic festivals in UK racing each year draw huge crowds and amongst them is Cheltenham Festival.

A huge spectacle which not only attracts attention from UK race goers but international ones too, it offers top-class racing and awesome entertainment over four days in March to savour.

But how does a traditional event like this stay up to date and how might it move with technology and the times? We look specifically at how developments in AI might influence Cheltenham’s future.

Constant innovation key to Cheltenham Festivals popularity

2024’s edition of the Cheltenham Festival will run from the 12th to the 15th of March at Cheltenham Racecourse and showcase all that is good about the event. As with any top meet like this, innovation is key to it moving forward each year and offering people more. Artificial Intelligence is one piece of tech which could help achieve this – but could it really be changing the landscape of Cheltenham?

AI-driven sports betting at Cheltenham

Betting is a major part of top racing events like the Cheltenham Festival and millions in wagers are made each year across the festivals four days. This is such a popular activity with those on track or watching from home because it enables them to really get fully involved with the action. If you can also find the best Cheltenham Festival betting odds to grab, then wagering on races at this event gets even more awesome.

Technology has already had a massive impact on how people bet on races at this event over time and it seems artificial intelligence is about to do the same. This sees sophisticated AI software able to analyse vast amounts of data around festival races, in order to produce more accurate predictions on which horse might win.

AI written festival reports and race results

The landscape at Cheltenham is made up of many different things and news reports which are produced after each race for punters to read are a case in point. Artificial Intelligence tools may well change the landscape here and be used by some outlets/websites to write race reports. AI-powered software may also be used more in some media outlets and see AI-produced pieces emerge which cover the four days of racing or the build up to the festival.

AI tech and horse welfare at Cheltenham

Everyone who is involved in racing cares deeply about the horses involved and is always keen to do the very best to look after them. This is also something fans value and the emphasis Cheltenham as a festival puts on animal welfare helps it remain popular.

AI is also something that could be used within horse racing to make further improvements to safety and could well change the landscape at Cheltenham moving forward. Powerful AI platforms for example could analyse each race at the festival per day and generate accurate, data driven reports which show any horse that could be at risk of injury to then pull out of the race.

Planning and personalisation with AI for Cheltenham

Although catching the action from home is always fun for the Cheltenham Festival, many race lovers like to attend in person for a truly authentic experience. AI is changing how this looks and is used by many websites who offer tickets or hospitality packages for the event. This usually works by AI software on the website tracking your preferences and recent actions.

The AI software is then able to analyse this data and show similar information/offers in future to make for a more personalised experience overall. This is also something we see in other sports like football, where AI can help make for a more personalised user experience when buying tickets, hospitality packages or merchandise online.

Artificial intelligence and the future of Cheltenham Festival

There is no doubt that the Cheltenham Festival is one of the top events in global racing and one of the jewels in UK racings crown. There is also little doubt as to the impact technology has made on the sport in recent years and how this is something which has changed the landscape of events like Cheltenham. AI is one tech breakthrough which could have the next big effect on racing and change how spectacles like this function.



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