17 Colourful, Funky New Hiking Boots (Designed by AI)

funky colourful hiking boots designed by AI
In what is possibly my favourite ever use of AI to date, I got Midjourney to generate some very funky themed technical hiking boots for me. Some are hideous, granted. But there's some of these I would definitely wear if they existed. Here they are...


There are a whole lot of uses for AI and, frankly my favourite (and arguably the least useful to be honest) is this one.

Here’s a load of very bright, very funky (sometimes hidous) alternative hiking boot designs created by Midjourney AI image generator.

Here are the designs it gave me:

Funky, Colourful Hiking Boot Designs (Made by AI)

Now, I’m not going to lie. I am a big fan of funky and bright coloured (loud) footwear. Neon trainers are a pretty standard thing for me. So I gravitate towards the big bold and bright ones here.

So here are a few highlights and lowlights from Midjourney’s alternative hiking boot collection.

My Favourites

So there are two here that I simply can’t choose between. The first is these:

I’d like a pair of Merrells in this design please.

These just look like they would be SOOOO comfy, first of all. And secondly are those neon lights in the sole? I think they might be. Love them. 

But it’s a close call between those ones and these:

Would totally wear these hiking boots.

I love the loud soles again and they look very robust. LOUD!

Ugliest Hiking Boots 

Ok so for me the ugliest ones are the Shrek hiking boots:

Shrek should be reserved for the movies only and never make it onto a pair of hiking boots. Creepy.

They look overly bulky anyway. And then the Shrek-esque face on the tongue of the boot is just creepy. Utterly grim.

The Highly Impractical

I’m going to forgive AI for not really considering all the details of hiking boots and the requirements. I’ve not gone through the images with a fine tooth comb to comment on grip, materials or anything like that. But I mean this one is just ridiculous:

Star Wars themed mega boots. Seems like far too much added weight for a hiking boot.

This was AI’s idea of a Star Wars themed hiking boot. It’s basically like something out of a space movie though. Heavy. Ugly. Highly impractical.

Others I would Actually Wear

I’d wear these:

Would love me some space hiking boots.

Not as bold and bright as some of the others but unique.

I’d wear these too:

Maps themed hiking boots. I like these.

I like the exploration themed design and they do look pretty practical.

Just a bit of fun! I thought some of the designs were really cute. But I’m not convinced I’d want AI designing all my hiking gear just yet… 


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