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Staying Safe as a Solo Female Hiker in the UK

I solo hike a LOT and one of the questions I get more often than questions about routes is about personal safety when hiking alone as a woman. So here’s how I reduce risk and stay safe when hiking solo in the UK.

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horse racing

Is AI changing the landscape of the Cheltenham Festival?

Despite horse racing attracting its fair share of controversy in recent years, it remains a much loved sport by many in the UK. And one of the horse racing calendar’s pinnacle events is the Cheltenham festival. As it approaches once again this year, we take a look at whether developments in AI might change the landscape of this annual event.

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How Can Peloton Bounce Back After Financial Slump?

It wasn’t all that long ago that Peloton was flying high. A desirable brand with a high end offering, it looked from the outside like everything at Peloton HQ must be rosy. But financial figures haven’t been so great of late and the CEO has their work cut out. In this article we look at what Peloton might need to do to grow its appeal and reverse the slump.

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viral tiktok twist board does it work
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The Viral Tiktok Twist Board – Does it Work? Ask the PT

Unless you’ve been snoozing under a rock for the last week, you’ve probably seen the viral Tiktok twist board (also referring to itself as a “waist trainer”). But does it work? We asked a PT to find out! And we found out where you can bag them cheaper than on Tiktok shop.

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formula 1

F1 Rounding Out 5-Year International Boom

As F1 drivers and constructors enjoy their offseason, fans are instead focused on the season start on March 5 with the Bahrain Grand Prix. Here’s why there’s never been a better time to follow.

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womens euro 2022 opening ceremony old trafford

That Time the FA Banned Women’s Football…

As 68,800+ people packed out Old Trafford to cheer on England women’s team in their Euro 2022 opener, it’s important that we reflect on just how far the women’s game has come. And let’s not forget that 101 years ago, the FA effectively banned the women’s game. That ban would go on to last half a century. Here’s the story of how a factory football team of ladies became the catalyst for an FA ban on the women’s game.

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Proud Sponsors

We're delighted to sponsor the playing kit for the Saddleworth 3Ds U9s Whites who'll be playing in the East Manchester Junior Football League in the 2023/24 season.
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Stacey MacNaught

Best Portable Charging Banks for Hiking

Traditionalists may not like it! But personally, I don’t like to risk being stuck on a hill or mountain with a dead phone or head torch battery. So I like to carry a portable charging device (or 2, or 3) with me. Here are the best portable charging banks for hiking that I’ve used. (And I’ve used a lot, by the way).

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