5 Climbing Centres in and Around Manchester

Love a bit of indoor climbing? Well those of you fortunate enough to live in or near to Manchester are spoilt for choice when it comes to climbing centres. Here are some of the best available within easy reach of the city.


5 Indoor Climbing Centres in Manchester

Ok, here they are – the 5 climbing centres in or near Manchester for you to check out.

And here’s all the key info in summary, with more about each one below.

Climbing CentreBouldering Walls?Roped Climbing Walls?Café?Shop?Location
Parthian ClimbingYesYesYesYesGorton, Manchester
Summit Up ClimbingYesYesYesYesOldham Town Centre
Depot ClimbingYesYesYesYesStretford, Manchester
Rock Over ClimbingYesYesYesYesCheetham Hill, Manchester
Awesome WallsYesYesYesYesStockport Town Centre

Find out a bit more about each climbing centre below.

Parthian Climbing Centre, Gorton

Perhaps better known as Manchester Climbing Centre, this one has been around for over a decade.

This is within really easy reach of Manchester City Centre. It’s just a tiny little bit over a mile and a half from Manchester Piccadilly. If traffic conditions are good you can drive in under 10 minutes, though allow longer. Traffic can be problematic.

Buses and the tram are also an option for getting there.

You’ll find roped climbing walls, bouldering walls, a cafe and you can buy kit there too.

Late night 10pm opening during the week is a bonus for those of you looking to climb after work midweek. 

They also run courses and if get particularly into your climbing and bag a few qualifications and experience, maybe it could become your work… there’s loads of job opportunities for climbing instructors

Summit Up Climbing, Oldham

Around 20 minutes by car from Manchester City Centre or a tram ride away, Summit Up is a pretty new centre. It only opened at the end of 2021.

In addition to its 20m roped climbing walls and bouldering walls, it also hosts a Clip n Climb franchise and an Valoclimb game.

There’s a soft play centre within the climbing centre for the little ones not climbing. But even the littlest amongst your group can probably harness up as there are sessions on the Clip n Climb walls available for children as young as 2.

This is the centre most local to me. My son has done a NICAS course there, the staff are friendly and the cafe is reasonably priced too.

It also has 2 Olympic speed climbing walls. 

A firm favourite of mine.

Depot Climbing, Stretford

Again, Stretford is within easy reach of Manchester City centre with tram and bus services.

Depot Climbing is far more known for its bouldering facilities than for its rope climbing (though there are a handful of top rope climbing walls available) and runs a whole host of school holiday clubs and classes too.

Rock Over Climbing, Cheetham Hill

Very close to the city centre, Cheetham Hill is another area within easy reach. Rock Over Climbing has a few top rope walls and lots of bouldering.

Much like with Depot, its top rope walls aren’t as tall as the likes of those at Summit Up or Parthian climbing.

But what Rock Over Climbing does have is a great kids’ bouldering section. The bouldering wall for kids backs onto a soft play type area so children can climb up into the soft play while bouldering.

Awesome Walls, Stockport

Stockport is minutes away from Manchester Piccadilly by train, with services running every few minutes. So Awesome Walls is a really accessible climbing centre from the city centre.

For roped climbing enthusiasts looking for a higher wall, Awesome Walls has a 23.5m wall in addition to other roped climbs and bouldering options.

One thing I’m also a big fan of it its live capacity counter on the website, so if you live locally enough you can even have a quick nosey at how busy it is before you head out the door!

Other Climbing Centres Near Manchester

Are we missing a brilliant centre within reach of Manchester? Get in touch and let us know! And in the meantime, If you have a friend that loves climbing, or maybe you want an adventure yourself, then you can use Red Letter Days voucher codes to bag a deal on a climbing adventure anywhere in the country,


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