12 Obscure Facts About Chelsea FC

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The global brand that is Chelsea FC has humble beginnings having been first founded in a pub across the road from what is now the Stadium. Let's talk about this and other lesser known facts about Chelsea.


Chelsea Football Club has an incredibly rich history steeped in on pitch success in English and European football. But even off the pitch, the club holds a trove of fascinating stories and facts that even some of its most ardent fans might not know. Let’s delve into some of these lesser-known facts about Chelsea

1. The Club’s Humble Beginnings

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905, but not many know that it was formed at The Rising Sun pub (now known as The Butcher’s Hook). It’s located across from the main entrance of the Stamford Bridge ground.

2. A Unique Record in European Competition

Chelsea holds the unique distinction of being the first English club to participate in the European Cup, back in the 1955-56 season. However, they were persuaded to withdraw by The Football League, making way for another English club’s later European success.

3. The Special One’s Special Impact

Jose Mourinho, known as ‘The Special One,’ is famed for his tenure at Chelsea. Under his management, Chelsea won their first league title in 50 years in 2005, breaking numerous records along the way.

4. A Star-Studded Fanbase

Chelsea boasts a host of celebrity fans. Notable among them is Academy Award-winning actor Michael Caine, a lifelong Blues supporter. His allegiance adds to the club’s glamour and appeal.

5. Chelsea in Literature

Chelsea FC finds its way into literature as well. The club is mentioned in the novel ‘The Human Factor’ by Graham Greene. The protagonist, Maurice Castle, is a Chelsea supporter, showcasing the club’s cultural reach.

6. Chelsea on the Silver Screen

The club has also been featured in film and television. One notable instance is in the movie ‘The Football Factory’, which centers around Chelsea’s football hooligan culture. This portrayal adds a dramatic, albeit darker, dimension to its cinematic presence.

7. The Pensioners

Before being known as ‘The Blues’, Chelsea were nicknamed ‘The Pensioners’ up until the 1950s. This was in reference to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, whose residents are known as Chelsea Pensioners.

8. A Challenging Start to Premier League Life

In their first season in the Premier League (1992-93), Chelsea finished in 11th place. This modest beginning belied the heights they would reach in later years.

9. An Unusual Mascot

Chelsea’s mascot is a lion named ‘Stamford The Lion,’ inspired by the heraldic lion on the club crest. Stamford adds a unique touch to the matchday experience at Stamford Bridge.

10. A Groundbreaking Sponsorship

In 2004, Chelsea signed a record-breaking sponsorship deal with Samsung. At the time, it was the most lucrative deal in English football, illustrating the club’s growing global appeal.

11. The First London Club to Win the UEFA Champions League

In 2012, Chelsea became the first London club to win the UEFA Champions League. This victory over Bayern Munich in their own stadium was a historic achievement for the club and London football.

12. Pioneers of American Talent

Chelsea was one of the first Premier League clubs to embrace American talent. They signed goalkeeper Brad Friedel in the late 1990s, though he never made a competitive appearance for the club.

In Conclusion

Chelsea Football Club is not just about its well-known victories and star players. It’s a club with a rich history, full of intriguing facts that span literature, cinema, and beyond. These 12 lesser-known facts shed light on the diverse and fascinating tapestry that makes up the club’s storied past and present.

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