How do you build a champion’s mentality? Ask Scottie Scheffler 

champions mentality
Just how do you go about building the mindset and mentality of a champion? We draw on some epic words of wisdom from the wonderful Scottie Scheffler.


Scottie Scheffler drove up Magnolia Lane at odds of just 4/1 to win the 2024 Masters Tournament. These were the lowest outright winner odds since 2013 when Tiger Woods was priced at 7/2 to win. Woods would end up finishing in a tie for fourth while Scheffler would claim a four-shot victory and win the 2024 Masters.

Greatness in the flesh

Essentially, there is a sense of the inevitable around what happens next with Scheffler who is proving in real time what greatness looks like.Given how prolific the 27-year-old was at Augusta National, all eyes are now understandably turning to Valhalla Golf Course for the PGA Championship in the middle of May to see if Scheffler can make it back-to-back major wins. This time around, Scheffler has been priced at 7/2 in the outright PGA odds.To that end, the latest golf betting also shows Rory McIlroy to be Scheffler’s nearest challenger in terms of the next-best odds with the Northern Irishman priced at 9/1. In short, these odds tell a story of their own with Scheffler currently having no equal.So, how has the world number one put daylight between himself and the rest of the professional golfing world? The short answer is that it has a lot to do with the impregnable mindset the 27-year-old has built up.

Golf is secondary to Scheffler’s greater calling

Scheffler will tell you that he is not defined by what happens on the golf course which automatically takes all the pressure off him. In the eyes of the 2024 Masters winner, his place on the PGA Tour is a small subplot to a much bigger picture where life outside of the fairways takes precedence. It is this perspective that makes the snaking putts on the greens of the world’s most challenging courses far less daunting given that whether the ball goes in the hole or not, Scheffler considers it secondary to his overall purpose.Of course, more often than not, the 27-year-old does sink these putts which is why he has been world number one since May 2023.Contrast Scheffler’s laid-back approach to the live-and-die-by-winning attitude that most other professionals have and you can quickly see why they crack under pressure while Scheffler continues to walk through the flames of battle whistling his own tune.

More of the same to come from Scheffler

This mindset of trying to be a good person rather than obsessing about how to become a great champion has ironically given Scheffler the platform to break every record in the game. At least, consider for a second that the New Jersey-born golfer’s Masters win in 2024 saw him joining Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Seve Ballesteros as the only men to have won two green jackets by the age of 27.Joining such esteemed company is the direct result of being at peace with losing which in turn, allows Scheffler to do the impossible.With Scheffler unlikely to change the way he sees life and what is most important to him, it is entirely possible that we might be about to witness the greatest trophy haul seen in a long time in professional golf.


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