Tapping into Squid Game for the Cardio Workout that Really Works

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Well, for those of us who find cardio a little laborious, mixing it up with something more "fun" is a winner, right? But what has hit TV show "Squid Games" got to do with your new approach to cardio? Let's take a look.


For the vast majority of sports or physical outings, you can improve your output if you hone your cardio prowess. This is seen across the board, from boxers needing to do roadwork as a key part of their training camps to footballers with the most stamina invariably upholding the highest level of play throughout each game. Still, cardiovascular exercises aren’t always the picks of the bunch.

Most traditional cardio exercises are time-consuming, push you into the elements, or are a bit on the dull side. Basically, they’re not for everyone. Perhaps this is why there’s a trend of fitness fanatics looking to entertainment to draw in some fun ways to get their cardio done. One such entertainment product that’s caught on for exercise, somewhat strangely, is the tense drama Squid Game from the Korea Republic.

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is a TV show based around a game show in which the rich offer huge sums of cash to people who can win their game show. However, this isn’t just another Ninja Warrior or Takeshi’s Castle. Instead, the game is deadly, and contestants are encouraged to knock off their fellow competitors at all times. It became the top Netflix show of all time with its first four weeks yielding 1.65 billion hours streamed.

From here, Squid Game has very much become a modern pop culture icon, particularly because it was such a surprise hit. Underpinning the daring setting was great character writing, but what will stick with everyone are the crazy games that got heart rates to hit dangerous levels. So popular was the drama that it spawned a real game show, Squid Game: The Challenge, as well as its own spin-off online game.

Found at the UK’s best sites for online slots, the March 2024 release Squid Game: One Lucky Day proved an instant hit, just like the show it has adapted for casino gaming. So, players are snapping up the best offers from those top sites, like a £50 bonus, to get in the game themselves. What all of this is saying is that Squid Game is a wildly popular show that many people will enjoy drawing from as inspiration for a great exercise plan.

Turning Squid Game into a much less lethal cardio workout

Perhaps the most iconic game from Hwang Dong-hyuk’s show was Red Light, Green Light. The goal was to get to the other side of the arena within the time limit, but only moving when the light is green. Those who were too slow or moved on red were instantly taken out, making for a very tense introduction to the Squid Game’s mechanics. Exercise enthusiasts will already be able to see how Red Light, Green Light could offer a HIIT training model.

However, instead of just running when the light turns, a Squid Game exercise ups the tension by throwing out random exercises you have to follow at each interval to catch you off guard. This is how popular YouTube fitness instructor Lilly Sabri has built her plan. During the 15-minute workout, she’ll task you with doing as many reps as you can for as long as the green light is on, which include squat walks, star jumps, burpees, and more!

Whether you’re just looking for a fun way to do your cardio or you want an intense, structured cardio workout, see what you can get done in the set-up of Red Light, Green Light from Squid Game.


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