The Lionesses World Cup Squad Ranked – by Instagram Followers

lionesses instagram followings
There's high hopes back home for the Lionesses in the World Cup. But with a few key players missing due to injury, it could be a tough tournament for the Europeans champions. Still, we've got quite the squad! And here they are ranked - but not on performance on the pitch! We'll let the pundits do that. Instead we've looked at the Instagram followings of the England World Cup Squad.


Approaching the world cup, fans of the Lionesses could be forgiven for nervousness. With Leah Williamson and Beth Mead amongst a roster of injuries, it looked as though we’d be heading into the World Cup missing some really key players who played vital roles in the victory in last year’s Euros.

But the squad of 23 represents some of the finest players in the game and we’re going to stand optimistic and say we think they can definitely bring it home!

We know they’re all fantastic on the pitch. So we won’t pit them on their footballing skills here. We’ll leave that to the pundits.

Instead, we decided to dive into their Instagram followings and find out who the most followed Lionesses in the squad are.

Now, the 2023 world cup England squad has an average age of just 25.7 years!! We know from recent Instagram Statistics that 54% of those aged 25 to 34 in the UK are active on the platform.

But it’s a popular channel for high profile sports starts and other celebrities to keep in touch with fans and share updates.

So it comes as no surprise that all 23 of the England Squad do indeed have Instagram accounts.

And as of July 2023, the most followed Lionesses on Instagram are:

  • Lucy Bronze – 577,000 followers
  • Chloe Kelly – 569,000 followers
  • Alessia Russo – 527,000 followers

In fact, 6 of the Lionesses have over half a million followers.

Want to see the full list and follow them for yourselves? Here you go:


Lucy Bronze
Chloe Kelly
Alessia Russo
Lauren James
Ella Toone
Alex Greenwood
Mary Earps
Rachel Daly
Georgia Stanway
Millie Bright
Keira Walsh
Lauren Hemp
Jordan Nobbs
Katie Zelem
Bethany England
Ellie Roebuck
Hannah Hampton
Niamh Charles
Lotte Wubben Moy
Jess Carter
Esme Morgan
Laura Coombs
Katie Robinson

We’d expect to see fewer posts from the Lionesses as they focus on the tournament. But the further they progress in the World Cup, the more followers we imagine they’ll amass on the way!


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