Airsoft: An Exhilarating Outdoor Activity

Airsoft is an exciting way to get the adrenalin pumping and to have a fun day out with your mates. But there are more benefits to be had than that! Let's take a look.


What is Airsoft?

Ok, for those of you unfamiliar Airsoft, let’s just give you a quick lowdown.

Airsoft is a survival style game played in teams most often. Essentially, within the gaming arena, players pursue one another and shoot one another with plastic pellets from airsoft guns. They’re low power guns. In many ways it is similar to paintball, except the pellets don’t leave marks so players are expected to call themselves out when they’re hit. In other words, this relies heavily on good sportsmanship!

How much physical exertion is involved with Airsoft?

Airsoft is absolutely brilliant for spending times outdoors engaging in something that’s physically demanding but fun too. These games typically take place amidst forests, fields, or meadows with plenty of space. For the whole duration of the game, you’ll be outside.

Throughout the game, players manoeuvre with their airsoft gun across the battlefield, run, seek cover, and occasionally traverse thick bushes – all of which make for a pretty demanding workout engaging all body muscles. It’s made more demanding by the fact you’ll most likely be in some protective gear while running, jumping, dodging and hiding!

The intensity of these airsoft matches can be tailored depending on the specific dynamics and rules of the game and the role each player adopts within the team. As such, individuals can adjust their in-game efforts to align with their physical capabilities and stamina.

The Competitive Edge

I don’t know about you, but personally I love a bit of competition and the thrill of a win. And Airsoft offers that. The best players exert themselves physically but also consider strategy and tactics in their gameplay and planning.

So this is a mentally demanding activity in many ways too. For many os us, doing something where there’s a winner and a loser also makes us work harder.

So for those who love to get strategic and competitive, Airsoft is the game!

Is Airsoft Safe?

If you have exposed skin and take a pellet you could be left with cruises. But typically, if you play at organised venues, you’ll be given jump suits and a face covering. This is a relatively safe sport. Of course, running around a forest presents trip hazards! But that’s much like any outdoor pursuit. They all come with certain risks.

Airsoft is pretty safe though as long as you follow the rules, wear the protective gear and listen to the advice of those organising your session.

Have fun

All in all, this is a really exciting and fun way to get some exercise, spend time outside, enjoy a little competition and get together with friends. So have fun!



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