Football Statistics UK – How Popular is Football in 2021?

Football Statistics UK 2021


How Popular is Football in the UK in 2021?

Football is the most popular sport in the world, with roughly 3.5 billion worldwide fans of the sport. But how popular is it in the UK, which is the most popular team and how many people play the beautiful game?

What is the Most Popular Football Team?

We analysed the most searched teams in the UK (based on data about number of searches per month in Google UK according to looking at all of the Premiership clubs in the English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh leagues, this is what we found:

Football Club

Searches Per Month (UK)





Manchester United


Leeds United






Tottenham Hotspur




Manchester City


Aston Villa 


Arsenal is the highest searched team in the UK being followed by Liverpool in 2nd and Manchester United in 3rd. Only two teams that aren’t from the English Premier league make the top 20 and these teams are Rangers (6th largest search volume) and Celtic (8th largest search volume) proving that currently the most searched team in Scotland is Rangers. This may be due to the incredible season they are having under Steven Gerrard, going unbeaten in the Scottish Premier league at the time this article was written (15th April 2021).


These searches indicate the number of fans based in the UK for each of the clubs. Even though they are in a different order, our top 3 also coincide with the top 3 at, which supports our metric for relating search volumes with the fan base.

How Many People Play Football in the UK?

When identifying how many people play football in the UK, we identified two metrics which give us an idea of the popularity of the sport. The first metric is the number of searches for the term “football pitch” as we are assuming that if somebody was looking for a place to play in the UK, they would search for this term. We also analysed the term “football boots” as every player needs this piece of equipment so we expect it to be a more accurate measure than that of “football pitch”. The keyword research was undertaken with KWFinder.

Most Popular Type Of Football Pitch According to Google Searches in the UK

The term “football pitch” is searched 23,400 times per month in the UK which is considerable as it is only expected to be searched when football teams are looking for a place to play. This implies that this term is more of an indicator on the number of teams in the UK rather than the number of players.


When identifying the most popular types of pitch to play on in the UK, this is what we found.

Most Popular Football Pitches UK 2021

As shown in the chart, the most searched pitches are 3G, 4G and astro which are all artificial synthetic pitch styles. These pitches are more likely to be playable in winter months due to decreased chances of waterlogging or the ground being too muddy to play on, potentially explaining the increased search volumes. Additionally, players are less likely to get dirty after playing on synthetic pitches, also contributing to increased popularity. 

Most Popular Football Boots in 2021 Based on Searches

The terms “football boots,” is searched a whopping 131,000 times in Google each month in the UK alone! 


But what is the most popular football boot? We looked at searches for specific keywords and outline our findings are below:

Most Popular Football Boots UK 2021

Nike is the most popular individual brand for football boots with their most popular boot being the “Mercurial Vapor”. However, even though the searches for “Adidas Football Boots” are much lower than the Nike search term, the most popular boots are the Adidas Predators with almost as many monthly searches as there are for the brand itself. 

Summary: UK Football Statistics 2021

To conclude, football remains one of the most popular sports to watch and to play in the UK, with significant search volumes based on equipment and locations to play. Furthermore, Arsenal gains the most monthly searches resulting in it being the most popular football club in the UK currently.


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