Overview of Kalkhoff E-bikes: German Quality at an Affordable Price

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Kalkhoff e-bikes might not be a brand you've heard of. But you should've because this German brand is making supreme quality genuinely affordable.


So, who is Kalkhoff ? Let us give you a brief introduction for those not familiar with this brand.

The Cloppenburg-based Kalkhoff company produced its first bicycle in 1927. However, the company’s founder began his business in 1919 with the sale of bicycle components. With over a century of history in the cycling space, this is a brand with a well earned reputation that has steadily risen to prominence. More specifically, it is now one of the world’s leading cycling brands, and not just in Germany.

The company believes that the future of fast-paced and ever-changing city life belongs to cycling, as bikes are independent, adaptive, and stress-free transport.

That is why Kalkhoff was one of the pioneers in the series production of electric bikes with battery-powered motors. The first Kalkhoff electric bike rolled off the assembly line in 2007. And the brand is still the market leader in this niche.

Review of the Kalkhoff electric bike range: a handy guide to the main models

So let’s begin the Kalkhoff e-bike overview with some fundamentals.

The brand’s catalogue offers cycling enthusiasts more than three dozen models to suit all tastes, needs, and budgets. Every Kalkhoff electric bike is equipped with a powerful Bosch Performance Line motor or the Shimano Steps motor and battery.

The brand offers four electric bike lines:

  • Endeavour;
  • Image;
  • Entice;
  • Agattu.

Customers can currently find electric bikes from the first three of the aforementioned ranges in the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative catalogue.

All e-bikes from the brand can be divided into several segments:

  1. City. These include the image range.
  2. Trekking. The Endeavour electric assist bikes are the best option for those who enjoy trekking.
  3. All-road. The Entice line is suggested by Kalkhoff for this use.

Additionally, the German company’s e-bikes are segmented by platform level. Currently, available e-bikes come in the following levels:

Level 1

The characteristics of the bikes at this level are great for those just starting out as electric bike riders. These models’ motor output can reach 250 watts, and their battery capacities range from 400 to 725 W/h. The maximum torque is 65 nm.

A great example of a level one bike would be the Kalkhoff Endeavour 1. B Move 2022 (this bike is not in stock).

kalkhoff ebike

Level 3 platform e-bikes

This level provides a battery-powered motor with a 500 or 625-watt capacity and a maximum torque of 75 nm.

This is exactly the kind of torque that the reliable Bosch Performance Line motor provides for the Kalkhoff Entice 3. B Move (2023) bike.

e bike

With a price of £3,299, it is the perfect bike to commute on. Let’s examine some of the specifications in more detail:

  • Bike weight when the battery is installed: approximately 25 kg;
  • the disc brakes;
  • gears with a derailleur;
  • Deflector-equipped MTB pedals;
  • Maximum permissible load of 130 kg.

Bicycles of level 5

An excellent fifth-level representative is the Kalkhoff Image 5. B Move+ (2022). This e-bike is an excellent choice for those who are looking for more compact e-bike options without sacrificing comfort and performance.

kalkhoff ebike

Many reviews recommend this stylish bike with its lightweight aluminium step-through frame for those who want a reliable up-and-down partner for city hill riding.

With a maximum load capacity of 170 kg, comfortable anti-slip pedals, a five-speed Shimano Nexus gearbox, hydraulic disc brakes, and a roomy and durable rear rack, this machine is suitable not only for trips to the office or leisurely rides but will also develop into an essential workhorse.

You can check Kalkhoff ebike prices to see that in the UK, this model will cost you £2,899.

Level 7. Let’s mention compact e-bikes

The seventh-level Kalkhoff electric bikes are in the premium category. These models flawlessly balance the strength of their motors and batteries with the high quality of their parts, cutting-edge accessories, and exquisite design. This clever engineering makes the Level 7 electric bike the best electric bike for touring in the UK.

Take a look at Kalkhoff Image 7. B Excite+ (2022).

kalkhoff ebike

With its Bosch Performance CX motor and 750-watt battery, this bike can really take you anywhere. The Suntour Mobie fork, tunable seatpost, and adjustable stem provide maximum comfort. Additionally, this e-bike’s continuous internal gear system and carbon belt drive ensure simple maintenance. This model is definitely worth its £4,399.

What distinguishes Kalkhoff from its rivals? Summary

There are a number of reasons to select a Kalkhoff bicycle.

  1. Uncompromising German quality is available for a fair price.
  2. Most models come in a variety of frame options so you can pick the most comfortable one.
  3. You can also pick up a model with the ultra-reliable Shimano Nexus or Alfine gear systems.
  4. From robust puncture-resistant tyres to disc brakes and basic accessories that come with every model, Kalkhoff represents dependability in everything it does.

Upon leaving the shop, every bike from the brand is equipped to take on the open road. Just choose the one that’s right for you.

Author – Lana Sparrow

A writer with more than 5 years’ experience who has written about a variety of topics, including sports, culture, and fashion.

I have a BA in Foreign Literature and enjoy cycling, walking, and reading short stories.

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