12 Obscure Facts About Arsenal

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Arsenal is the only club to have receives a special gold Premier League trophy, commemorating their "invincibles" season. Let's talk more about that and 11 other obscure facts about this historic football club.


Arsenal Football Club is a much beloved North London club with a silverware rich history and plenty of iconic players past and present. Here are 12 facts about Arsenal we think there’s a chance you probably don’t already know!

1. The Origins in a Munitions Factory

Arsenal was originally formed by a group of workers at the Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory in 1886. The club was first named ‘Dial Square’ as a nod to the factory’s sundial. This humble beginning is a stark contrast to the global brand Arsenal is today.

2. Arsenal is The Only Club to Receive a Gold Premier League Trophy

In a unique recognition of their unbeaten ‘Invincibles’ season in 2003-2004, Arsenal was awarded a special gold version of the Premier League trophy by the Football Association. This distinction is exclusive to Arsenal, commemorating their remarkable achievement of finishing the season without a single defeat – a feat that remains unmatched in the Premier League era.

3. Highbury’s Historical Quirk

The iconic Highbury Stadium, Arsenal’s home ground until 2006, had a rather unusual feature – a set of flats in one of its corners. This architectural quirk meant that some residents had a unique view of the games from their own homes.

4. The Record for the Longest Unbeaten Run

Arsenal set an English football record by going 49 league games unbeaten from May 2003 to October 2004. This remarkable feat earned the team the nickname ‘The Invincibles’.

5. A Literary Connection

Arsenal has been mentioned in various literary works. Notably, in Nick Hornby’s popular novel ‘Fever Pitch’, which chronicles the author’s fanatical support for the club. This book provides a deep, personal insight into the life of an Arsenal supporter.

6. The Unique Kit Colour Origin

Arsenal’s famous red shirts with white sleeves were introduced by legendary manager Herbert Chapman in 1933. Uniquely, this design was inspired by a similar kit worn by London’s tramway workers, making it a nod to the city’s working-class roots.

7. Celebrities Amongst the Fans

The club boasts a list of high-profile supporters, including Queen Elizabeth II. Other famous fans include actors Idris Elba and Colin Firth, and former US president Barack Obama.

8. Influence in TV and Movies

Arsenal’s reach extends into popular culture, with references in TV shows and movies. The club has been mentioned in ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Ted Lasso’, highlighting its international recognition.

9. The Clock End

One of Highbury’s iconic features was the Clock End, named after the large clock installed there in 1930. The clock was moved to the Emirates Stadium, continuing its legacy.

10. The First Live Radio Broadcast

In another first, Arsenal’s match against Sheffield United in 1927 was the first English football match to be broadcast live on the radio. This marked a significant step in bringing football to the masses.

11. A War-Time Shelter

During World War II, Highbury was used as an Air Raid Precautions Centre. The club’s contribution to the war effort is a lesser-known aspect of its history.

12. Arsenal’s Cameo in a Blockbuster Movie

Arsenal made a memorable appearance in the 1997 blockbuster film “The Full Monty”. In this British comedy-drama, one of the characters is an ardent Arsenal fan. The film, centred around a group of unemployed men turning to striptease to make ends meet, shows the character’s love of the club.

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