Free Online Fitness Classes for Lockdown 2020

free online fitness classes 2020


Lockdown might mean missing out on your favourite classes at the gym, but with the help of these free online fitness classes you can get a great workout from the comfort for your own home.

The gyms are shut. Your favourite fitness class is suspended. Maybe you’re suddenly juggling your job and homeschooling your children too. It’s a tricky time and one in which we could easily lose sight of our fitness and health goals.

Keeping fit through classes has a ton of benefits. Aside from the health and social benefits:

  • Keeping structure and routine. Classes take place at certain times of the week set by organisers and that can help to keep structure and routine
  • Varied. It’s much easier to add variety to your workout regime through classes

Fortunately, thanks to our constantly connected world (and some very generous online fitness pros) you needn’t wave classes goodbye completely during the Covid 19 outbreak. There are lots of people now offering free online fitness classes and workouts. Here are three of our favourites.


Free Online Fitness Classes Summary

Want the quick list? Here it is. And if you want to know more about each specific class, the detail follows.




PE With Joe

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 9am


Twice Daily on Instagram

Planet Fitness

Midnight UK time daily

PE With Joe

pe with joe


Joe Wicks, better known by many as ‘The Body Coach,’ has been running PE lessons since lockdown began. These classes are live on Youtube and were initially intended to keep the kids active while school was closed.

However, Mums and Dads up and down the country soon found it was a substantial workout for the grown ups too!

Joe recently announced he is scaling back the classes to three days each week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) and once lockdown ends, these are likely to end too.

But while the gyms are closed and your class is cancelled, this is a free online fitness class with no special equipment required!


Barry’s Workoutsfree online workouts barrys


Twice daily, on IGTV, Barry’s is offering free at home workouts that need no equipment at all.

These workouts will help get your heart rate up and help you to maintain or even improve your strength during lockdown.

Planet Fitnessplanet fitness free online classes

Planet Fitness has a number of personal trainers running free daily equipment-free workouts. 

Now this is a US brand and its workouts are timed for early evening East Coast time, meaning it’s midnight here.

But you can catch up and do them later on over on their Facebook page.


Keeping Your Discipline with a Home Workout

Half the battle for most of us is discipline. And if you’re more used to working out at a gym than at home, discipline will be a key factor in maintaining or improving your fitness during lockdown. 


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