Hiking in Canada – What You Need to Know

Canada is a huge place with some of the best hiking in the world. While we couldn't possibly claim to be able to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know in once single sentence, we can certainly offer up some key information for those of you planning a hiking led adventure break in arguably the most beautiful part of North America.


Hiking by many standards is considered both a sport and a recreational activity. As such, as simple as it may look and sound, there’s still a fair share of technicality involved in a proper hiking adventure. 


Especially when it comes to the big old Canadian cities, there are a couple of things to check, to ensure orderliness, safety as well as satisfaction on the go.

Not to worry, here’s a proper guide on all the essentials you’ll need at your fingertips if you are eyeing some hiking trips in Canada soon.

Explore the Space 

Usually, the first question on the minds of most intending hikers is the where, rather than the how. Coming to the Great White North, the “where” question is met with lots of options. Being the world’s second-largest country, and having a vast stretch of unpopulated land, Canada is a paradise for hikers, adventurers, and trekkers alike. 


In essence, Canada is home to a good number of trails, parks, etc perfect for hiking any day. On the flip side, the vast space also means that some of the best hiking destinations are some distance away from urban areas, a small price to pay for the best hiking spots? 

Best Hiking Trails in Canada 

Rebecca Romijin, American Actress – “I really like listening to music when I’m hiking or exercising. I don’t like hearing myself breathe.”


Of course, we weren’t going to leave you guessing where you can best carry out the most satisfying hikes in Canada. Here’s our pick of the most serene and satisfying spots to direct your next hikes within Canada.

Western Brook Pond Trail: Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

If you are big on ancient cliffs, lush forest, and pond views, then the Western Brook of the Gros Morne Park could be your best fit. The destination features green and hilly contours, and the view of the fjord and surrounding mountains is particularly impressive. 

JjBruce Trail, Ontario 

Adam Marland, Travel Author – “Vanity does on nature’s trails.”


Stretching over 600 miles long the Bruce Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Niagara Falls, Canada, all the way down to Georgian Bay. It is also one of the longest hiking trails in Canada, native to Ontario, an area known for its vast land-based and online casino network.


Fun Fact: Canada is home to the Trans Canada Trail, also known as The Great Trail. It is the longest recreational trail network in the world, stretching over 27,000 kilometers. 

Parc National de Mont-Tremblant, Québec

De Mont-Tremblant is another major option, due to its good network of hiking. opportunities. Stretching through the Laurentian mountains, the scene here is very leisurely-like. 


Furthermore, below are some more amazing tracks, parks and wild destinations for any day Canadian hiking bliss; 


  • Esplanade Track, British Columbia
  • Grey Owl Trail, Manitoba
  • Plain of Six Glaciers Trail: Banff National Park, Alberta
  • Skyline Trail: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, etc. 


Amidst all that, the question, “what is the most famous hiking trail in Canada?” still rings. But from our point of view, hiking isn’t necessarily about the best spot around, but how much of an experience you can get.

Things to look out for

Especially if you’re a beginner, here are some few extra things to be wary of as you kick off hiking on Canadian soil.


Hiking attempts can be heavily disrupted in weather extremes. As such it is always important to pick the most perfect day and season to go hiking in Canada. Generally, you would want to avoid hiking in foggy weather, which makes it difficult to see, as well as extremes of cold. 


Characteristically, the perfect season for hiking is from early June to September, when most trails will be open, avoiding the poor conditions from October onwards.


Fun Fact: Canada boasts 48 national parks, many of which offer incredible hiking opportunities.


Who doesn’t love the wildlife sightings on a good old hike? However, you may not want to interact with every wild factor or animal that comes your way. Watch out for insects like ticks, mosquitos, which can really be a thorn in the flesh.

Other Fun to be had on Your Hiking Break

After you hang your boots up for the day, you’ve also got a ton of other options for entertainment while exploring and travelling in Canada.

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