How to Look After Your Goalie Gloves

goalie gloves
A good pair of goalkeeper gloves is an investment. And while we know they can't last forever, we definitely want to get as much wear out of them as possible, right? So here are some tips for looking after your goalie gloves and extending their life.


Goalie gloves go through a lot. They’re often exposed to the elements, muddy ground, not to mention all the impacts they take every time you save, punch, or catch the ball. It’s no surprise that even the best gloves get worn-down pretty quickly, and none of them last forever.

However, there are steps you can take to care for your goalie gloves and get the best value from every pair.

Choose the Right Pair

The first step to maintaining goalie gloves is to make sure you pick a pair that are appropriate for your hand size, abilities, and playing conditions. If you wear the wrong kind of gloves, they’ll naturally wear down faster.

For example, if you tend to play in cold and rainy conditions, weak or lightweight gloves aren’t the best fit. Alternatively, if you play most games on artificial turf, it’s best to opt for goalie gloves that are specially made for that surface.

For that reason, don’t rush in. Take your time when shopping for goalkeeper gloves. Check out the many options available, compare features and materials, and speak with experts for guidance to help you find the ideal pair.

Pre-Wash All New Gloves Before Use

When you get a new pair of goalie gloves, you might be eager to try them out straight away. However, it’s usually recommended to pre-wash all new pairs before you use them for the first time.

The reason being, many latex goalie gloves are coated with a thin layer of plastic film, soap, chemicals, or even bits of dirt and dust picked up from the factory. Washing your gloves helps to remove any surface grime, as well as “activating” the latex to maximise the gloves’ grip.

Dampen Your Gloves During Games

Out on the pitch, you’ll most probably be focused on reading the game, communicating with your defence, and making saves. But don’t forget to moisten your goalie gloves from time to time. You can either use a nearby water bottle or even spit on your gloves every now and then.

There are two main reasons for doing so. First, it prevents the latex from drying out, and dry latex is much more prone to cracks and tears than moist latex. Second, it helps you get better grip of the ball. That’s why you often see top keepers on TV spraying or spitting on their gloves during games.

Wash Gloves in Between Games

Of course, another essential step of goalie gloves maintenance is washing your gloves in between games. This helps to get rid of any dirt or caked mud that might build up over the average 90 minutes. It also prevents odours from developing.

For best results, wash your gloves by hand, not in a machine. Avoid using any solvents or harsh chemical cleaners. Instead, just rinse and soak your gloves under a tap, using your fingers and thumbs to brush away dirt. Try to avoid using any brushes or scrubbers, as they might damage the material.

Dry Your Goalie Gloves the Right Way

After washing comes drying. Again, this needs to be done correctly. You won’t want to toss your gloves in a tumble dryer. The heat can make them shrink. Radiators and warm windowsills are also big no-nos. In fact, you don’t want to leave your gloves anywhere too hot while drying.

Instead, put them in a safe space and let them dry naturally, at room temperature. It might take a while – up to a day in most cases – but it’ll help preserve your gloves and reduce the risk of any damage or deterioration.

Store Gloves in a Safe Space

Glove maintenance isn’t just about how you wear or wash your gloves. It’s also about how you store them. When you’re not using your gloves, keep them somewhere safe. That means no spots in direct sunlight or spaces that are liable to get wet or exposed to extreme temperatures.

Cool. Dark. Dry. That’s the best kind of space for your gloves in between games. You might even like to invest in a goalie glove storage bag, so you always have somewhere safe to put them.

Get Years of Use from Your Goalie Gloves

It doesn’t take too much time or effort to look after goalie gloves, and the benefits are clear to see. Well-maintained gloves last longer, saving you money and hassle, as well as helping you perform better out on the pitch.


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