How Many Calories Do you Burn Rollerblading?

rollerblading calories burned
Thinking about donning a pair of rollerblades to help with calorie burning? Here's how many calories you might expect to burn if you get your skates on.


I don’t know about you, but I was really into rollerblading as a teenager. But as I grew up, I sadly grew out of it until I stuck a pair of skates back on a few years ago into my early 30s!

I’m not the only one to take the sport back up into adulthood. In fact, according to figures from uBuy, over 1 in 10 adults rollerblades as an adult and did so as a child.

A further 8% never rollerbladed as a child but took up the activity as an adult.

Rollerblading has a large number of benefits, including improved balance and downright fun!

But it’s also useful for those looking to increase their calorie burn as part of a weight loss plan.

How many calories does rollerblading burn?

Rollerblading burns about 530 calories per hour.

Now, that’s a simple answer based on an hour or constant rollerblading for a person who weighs 150lb and is skating at a recreational 9mph pace.

If you’re going slower or weigh less you’ll burn fewer. And the opposite applies if you’re skating faster or weigh more.

There’s a great calculator here so you can get an answer more specific to you.

3 Other Benefits of Rollerblading

Ok, so calorie burn is definitely something you’ll care about if you’re looking at weight loss. But let’s just take a quick look at 3 other benefits too:

1. It’s fun. Like really great fun. Whether you’re at a roller disco with friends or trying to level up on ramps at a skate park, roller blading is absolutely exhilarating.

2. It’s great for improving your heart health. Any sort of cardio activity it good for your heart health. But what’s particularly great is an activity you’ll do for longer and that means one that is fun, keeps you interested and is sustainable.

3. It’s much lower impact than things like running. Simple skating doesn’t have to involve throwing yourself off ramps if that’s not your bag. And it’s much gentler on the joints than high impact activities such as running.

So have we tempted you to get your skates on?!


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