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The Lionesses World Cup Squad Ranked – by Instagram Followers

There’s high hopes back home for the Lionesses in the World Cup. But with a few key players missing due to injury, it could be a tough tournament for the Europeans champions. Still, we’ve got quite the squad! And here they are ranked – but not on performance on the pitch! We’ll let the pundits do that. Instead we’ve looked at the Instagram followings of the England World Cup Squad.

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We're delighted to sponsor the playing kit for the Saddleworth 3Ds U9s Whites who'll be playing in the East Manchester Junior Football League in the 2023/24 season.
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Stacey MacNaught

Best Portable Charging Banks for Hiking

Traditionalists may not like it! But personally, I don’t like to risk being stuck on a hill or mountain with a dead phone or head torch battery. So I like to carry a portable charging device (or 2, or 3) with me. Here are the best portable charging banks for hiking that I’ve used. (And I’ve used a lot, by the way).

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