Walking Statistics UK: How Popular is walking in the UK in 2021?

Walking Statistics UK 2021: How Popular is Walking in the UK in 2021?


Walking is an activity that everyone can get involved with. It allows you to explore the great outdoors, maintain your health and take in the beauty that the United Kingdom has to offer. These walking statistics discovered exactly how popular it is in the UK, how the popularity has adapted over time and which people are most likely to engage with the activity.

Walking Statistics UK 2021: The Short Version

We have summed up our key findings from our research here. More in depth analysis and research can be found further on in the article.


  • There are 2 million annual searches in the UK for “Walks Near Me”.
  • People in Warrington search for the term “Walks Near Me” the most.
  • Women walk more than Men, searching for “Womens Walking Boots” 109,000 times per month on average.

How Popular is Walking in the UK in 2021?

We conducted a keyword analysis with the keyword tool KWFinder to discover the number of searches for walking related terms in the UK. The term “walks near me” is searched 169,000 times per month in the UK on average, highlighting the number of people who are looking to go on a walk in their local area. When extrapolated, this figure is over 2 million searches each year, emphasising the popularity of walking for leisure in the UK.


We also analysed the Google Trends data for the search term “Walks near me” to discover how the search interest has adapted and changed over time in the UK. Our findings are displayed below.

How Popular is Walking in the UK in 2021?

As you can see from the graphic, walking in the UK has increased drastically in popularity over recent years as searches for the term didn’t begin to rise until around 2014. Notably, there was a huge spike in may 2020 which can likely be put down to the Covid-19 pandemic which restricted people in the UK to walking as their only form of interaction with friends and family that were not members of their household. In 2019, the average person in the UK walked 205 miles, and we expect that figure to have increased this year based on the increased search volumes surrounding the activity.

Where is Walking the Most Popular in the UK in 2021?

Using the same phrase as previously, “Walks Near Me”, we discovered where in the UK search the term the most and where search for the term the least. The top ten areas that search for the term are listed below. We analysed the top 100 most populated towns and cities in the UK.



Total Monthly Searches

Number of Searches Per Every 1000 People (Monthly)










St. Helens






















  • Proportional to population size, the term is searched the most in Warrington, followed by Stockport and Lincoln. 
  • We found that the three places that the term was searched the least are Swansea, Cardiff and Newport which are all located in Wales. 
  • The capital of England, London, searches for the term 4,600 times per month which means that proportionally there are only 0.52 searches for every 1000 people in the area. This places the city 5th bottom on our list.

Who Walks the Most Men Vs Women

We analysed the search volumes for both “Mens Walking Boots” and “Womens Walking Boots” over the past 5 years to see who walks the most and when each gender walked the most. We took the number of searches from the month of may each year for both terms from 2016 onwards to see how demand adapted over time.

Who Walks More in the UK, Men or Women?

As we can see, searches for each term have remained relatively similar over the past five years, with a trend of increasing searches each year. However, the term “Womens Walking Boots” increased in popularity in the past year, reaching 60,500 searches in May 2021 which is 20,000 searches greater than the mens counterpart. 


When we look at the average over the past 12 months, the number of searches for “Mens Walking Boots” equals 70,200 per month whereas the number of searches for “Womens Walking Boots” equals 109,000 per month. These figures are much greater than what we have recorded for May in each year as demand for the search query peaks around January every year.

Summary: Walking Statistics UK 2021

To conclude, walking for recreation has become increasingly popular in the last year with a large number of women being involved with the activity. People in Warrington are the most likely to look for walks in their area and numerous areas in Wales are unlikely to search for the same term according to our research surrounding search volumes.


We hope this article has helped you understand the popularity of walking in the UK in 2021.


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