Y Garn Via Devil’s Kitchen – Route and Review

View from Devil's Kitchen
I took a February midweek hike up Y Garn via Devil's Kitchen (Snowdonia). The weather played ball, the views were amazing and it was a fantastic hike. Here's the route, some photos, a review and some practical information.


A last minute decision to head to Snowdonia to hike Y Garn via Devil’s Ridge turned out to be an amazing one.

The forecast for February 1st 2024 around the Glyderau was pretty decent, so I decided to move a few things around on my calendar for a quiet Thursday in the mountains. I took a hike up Y Garn via Devil’s Ridge. Here’s how it went.

Hike date1st February 2024
Weather conditionsA cold(ish) day, some clouds but some blue sky. Very, very cold wind chills at the summit.
Distance hiked

Approx 9.7km

(as measured on Apple Watch but partly because I have tendency to wander off the path for a look at the views etc during a walk)

Walking time4 hours
(including all the photo stops)
Elevation gain total750m
TerrainRocky ground but good paths much of the way. Loose screen on final ascent and descent
Hiked withSolo

My decision to head over here on a February Thursday turned out to be an incredible one. The Ogwen Valley visitor centre car park was empty when I pulled in at 8am.

Y Garn Via Devil’s Kitchen Route

This was a really easy route to follow to be honest. Even in low visibility I imagine this would be relatively straightforward to navigate.

Here’s the AllTrails version of the route I took:

I took this trail clockwise, going up Devil’s Kitchen. I didn’t encounter many people on the mountain (5 in total until I got back down to Llyn Idwal) but all bar one were doing this route in reverse.

Personally, I’m glad I went the way I did. The path did have a lot of loose screen on my descent but I think getting back down through Devil’s Kitchen would’ve been the tougher descent.

So for my route, I followed the path from the visitor centre. From the moment you start on this path, the views are breathtaking:

footpath from ogwen valley visitor centre

Simply stay right where it forks off left towards Tryfan, and instead continue to Llyn Idwal. You’ll very quickly arrive at Devil’s Kitchen.

Devils Kitchen

Once you reach Llyn Idwal, you follow the path left and eventually it leads you to the “scramble.”

Now, I wouldn’t say this is a proper scramble out of Devil’s Kitchen. It’s a clamber more than anything on some uneven rocky terrain. Here’s a random Tiktok I posted about it!

@staceyhikes And a fine collection of rocks they too. Devil’s Kitchen was a fun scramble/walk and a great way up to Y Garn. Snowdonia delivers again ❤️ #solohiking #snowdonianationalpark #hiketok #hikinguk ♬ original sound – Stevie Dicks

You’ll require the use of your hands here and there but there’s no really technical scrambling needed.

Part way up this clamber, do take the time to look back because the views across Llyn Idwal to Pen Yr Ole Wen are quite something. I certainly look pretty pleased with myself and my decision to sack off work that day to hike:

Hiking up Devil's Kitchen

It’s fun though for sure and very steep.

Once you get to the top of Devil’s Kitchen, you’ll meet the path that links Glyder Fawr with Y Garn. There’s a small stream crossing and then a very straightforward (but steep) path to the summit of Y Garn.

The views were stunning from Y Garn:

views from y garn of tryfan, llyn ogwen and llyn idwal

From the summit, I followed the circular route back down to Llyn Idwal. It was rocky, steep and with loose scree on the initial descent and again in other parts of the path. Here’s some of the other useful bits of information you might want to know if you’re planning this route yourself.

Is Devil’s Kitchen a Difficult Scramble?

No. It’s not a difficult scramble by scrambling standards. However, it’s a more difficult clamber out of Devil’s Kitchen than say a standard walk on a footpath would be.

Is Devil’s Kitchen Suitable for Children?

Helpful, I know. But it depends. My 8 year old thoroughly enjoys his scrambling and with this not having any exposure really, I would absolutely take him. But it could be a tough hike for little legs, so base that decision on how your little ones feel about hiking in general.

Devil’s Kitchen and Y Garn – Would I do it Again?

Absolutely. I love the Ogwen Valley, I really do. It’s so spectacular and the Glyderau is one of the greatest places to hike in the country.

Y Garn is a great hike for those who want to spend half a day maximum in the hills, so it’s a relatively quick one that really does deliver on the views.

Car Parking for Y Garn and Devil’s Kitchen

This one is really straightforward. You can park at the Ogwen Valley Visitor Centre (here’s a Google Maps pin).

It’s a pay and display car park with online payment possible (no signal for me here but there was free wifi available) and a machine that accepts cash and contactless card payments. I paid for a day’s parking at £6.

I imagine it would get busy on weekends and school holidays (or even just in warmer weather). There’s layby parking and smaller car parks further up the A5 too and then you can just walk back down.

Public Transport to the Ogwen Valley

There are buses that run to Ogwen Valley from the nearby towns of Bethesda and Betws y Coed plus from the city of Bangor. So if you reach any of those places by train you can take a bus.

There’s a lot of information about public transport options here.

Hotels and Places to Stay Nearby

I live a 2 hour drive away so did Y Garn and Devil’s Kitchen as a day trip. But if you’re making an overnight of it, a few nearby hotels are below:

Y Garn via Devil’s Kitchen – Favourite Photo

And as for my favourite photo from Y Garn and Devil’s Kitchen… well I think it has to be this one. This was the view of Pen Yr Ole Wen towards the end of the hike as I descended back towards Llyn Idwal. Pen Yr Ole Wen is the next of the Welsh 3000s on the list for me, I think…

pen yr ole wen from y garn


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