From Grassroots to Big League: How to Make it Big in Football

There are hundreds of thousands of people running around football pitches every single week with the dream of making it pro. Only very few will ever get there. But how do you increase your chances?


The journey from the local pitch’s fresh grass, filled with young hopefuls dreaming of stardom, to the roar of tens of thousands in a stadium is one marked by sweat, sacrifice, and an unwavering spirit. Football, much like life, is not just about the talent you’re born with but the passion, dedication, and continuous learning you pour into it.


Tips on Making Pro

It’s not an easy challenge becoming a professional in any walk of life, never mind football. It takes guts, determination, perseverance, and resilience among other vital ingredients. Stay focused, stay involved and above all, stay concentrated on your goals in the beautiful game. Below are some of the key attributes and tips it takes to become a professional footballer.


Devote Yourself to the Game


Being wholly committed to football isn’t just a phrase; it’s a lifestyle. There’s a certain allure to the game, isn’t there? Those magical moments when a local lad turns the game on its head or a goalkeeper becomes the hero of the day.


But behind these moments are countless hours of devotion. It’s this passion that keeps a player going during those cold, rainy training days or the frustration of a loss. The world of football is intensely competitive. A split-second can determine a win or a loss, a promotion or relegation. In this high-stakes arena, nothing but undivided commitment will do.


Remember Jamie Vardy’s story? From being let go by Sheffield Wednesday to working in a factory and then rising to Premier League stardom with Leicester City. Remember – Bookmakers priced Leicester City’s 2015/16 Premier League win at 5000/1, so if the odds are stacked against you keep the faith!


Learn About the Game

study the game football

Knowledge, they say, is power. And in football, this holds truer than ever. Broadening one’s understanding is crucial, not just from playing, but by being a student of the game. Watching matches, diving into books about legendary tactics, or even engaging in enlightening conversations with professionals can offer unique insights. Every aspiring footballer should delve into the strategies legends employed on their path to success. Was it Beckham’s meticulous set-piece practice or Gerrard’s leadership on the pitch? Learn, internalise, and implement.

Train Regularly

Regular training is the cornerstone of any professional journey. Think of it as your daily bread and butter. Neglecting it? That’s akin to a baker forgetting his oven. The benefits of consistent training, whether through clubs, summer camps, or organised games, are manifold. And let’s not forget the pride of representing schools or counties in youth-level tournaments. These platforms provide exposure, experience, and a taste of the competition ahead.


Learn to Play with Both Feet

The ability to dazzle with both feet is nothing short of an art. Imagine confounding defenders or making goalkeepers second-guess with every touch. Work on the weaker foot – be it by kicking against a wall, or dedicating entire games to its use. This skill could very well be the edge that catches a talent scout’s discerning eye.


Learn from the Professionals

When climbing the football ladder, why not take cues from those who’ve scaled it already? Paying special attention to Premier League stalwarts, especially ones in your position, is invaluable. Observe their play style, movement, and decision-making. How does Haaland position himself during a cross? Or the way Casemiro commands the midfield? These nuances, when noted, can elevate one’s game significantly.


Join a Club

There’s unparalleled camaraderie and learning in being part of a club. The competitive environment, rubbing shoulders with players who share your aspirations, and the invaluable experiences of victories and defeats, shape you. After all, football is a massively popular team sport, and what better way to prepare than by being in the heart of such a unit?

And if you don’t make it?

Not everyone  with a football and a dream is going to make it. Even with all the effort in the world, the reality is that most will never make money out of playing football. So if you don’t make it, here’s what to remember:

  • You can still play the game you love. In fact, if you were potentially good enough to make the grade as a pro, the reality is that you’ll probably be the best player on most grassroots teams so regular game time is highly likely. Not making it pro doesn’t mean you have to stop playing at all
  • Think of the perks. You don’t have to “work” every boxing day. Your personal life won’t be under media scrutiny. And if you’re partial to a little bet on the football, well now you can. Professional players cannot bet on the game, but the rest of us can head on over to some of the top-rated UK betting platforms in the UK and get our bets on
  • Never say never. Your first knockback or being let go from an academy as a teen doesn’t mean you’ll never make it. We always come back to the fact that Jamie Vardy was 25 years old before he played his first game as a pro.


Dealing with Setbacks

In any footballer’s journey, setbacks are inevitable. An injury that keeps you off the field, a selection missed, or a bad game can all feel like major roadblocks. However, these setbacks are often the crucible where character is formed. Remember, it’s not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. 


Draw inspiration from football legends like Ronaldo or Ibrahimović, who faced career-threatening injuries but came back even stronger. Treat each setback as a lesson. Analyse what went wrong, adapt, and focus on recovery or improvement. Maintaining a resilient mindset and surrounding yourself with a positive support system, including coaches, teammates, and family, can make the difference between a short-lived career and one that stands the test of time.



From the grassroots to the spotlight, the journey to becoming a football professional is arduous but immensely rewarding. With the right dose of dedication, passion, and continuous learning, the dream isn’t just attainable; it’s waiting to be grabbed. So, lace up, keep your eyes on the goal (quite literally!), and remember – every football legend started with a dream, just like yours.


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