Famous Sports Stars Who Are Also Known for their Gambling Enthusiasm

sportstars who gamble
Did you know that many iconic athletes are also gambling enthusiasts? Some of them include Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, and Charles Barkley. And it makes complete sense since many of these icons are known to be competitive and risk takers. Let's take a look at them!


Did you know that many iconic athletes are also gambling enthusiasts? Some of them include Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, and Charles Barkley. And it makes complete sense since many of these icons are known to be competitive and risk-takers.

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Here are some notable icons who’ve excelled in sports and had incredible luck in gambling.

Michael Jordan

Almost everyone knows Michael Jordan. He is one of the greatest basketballers ever who’s played for phenomenal teams like the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls. Jordan has many things to brag about, from 6 NBA Finals MVPs and 5 NBA MVP awards to a basketball shoe brand that generates billions for Nike.

In his earlier years, Michael Jordan gambled fervently. He once went to a casino in Connecticut and lost $500,000 at a table. But just like he often did on the basketball court, he refused to leave before recouping his money. Well, guess what? He did win back his money and, on top of that, raked in a tidy amount: $1.3 million.

And to prove his love for gambling, Michael Jordan recently went a step further and invested in a popular sportsbook called DraftKings.

Floyd Mayweather

Another pro athlete who loves gambling dearly is Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Floyd is a retired professional boxer who boasts numerous things, including a 50-0 boxing record and an estimated net worth of nearly half a billion dollars. He is also the proud owner of nine modern skyscrapers scattered all over the US, with one iconic building at the heart of New York.

As his “Money” nickname suggests, Mayweather is never afraid of splashing, including in gambling endeavors. He is notorious for placing enormous bets on sports events. And, just like in his boxing career, Mayweather often wins big. He’s made millions of dollars over the years.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is an infamous basketball player. Before his retirement in 2000, he played for the Houston Rockets. Overall, Barkley has had an ultra-successful 16-year career and raked many accolades and achievements, including 11 All-Star appearances.

Besides basketball, Charles Barkley has another sweetheart: gambling. In a recent interview, he proclaimed his love for gambling and drinking, two things that often go hand in hand. And despite taking a few hits, he’s also walked away with juicy payouts many times, like that time he won $700,000 on a single bet.

Final Thoughts

Countless pro athletes love casino gaming and gambling. Some of them, like Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, and Charles Barkley, are fortunate individuals who often walk away with enormous wins, totaling thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. But that doesn’t mean everything is smooth sailing for these people.

Sadly, others have gotten addicted to gambling and lost vast fortunes, ending in financial peril. Don’t be like them. To avoid addiction, stay away from compulsive gaming. Every once in a while, take a break and do something else, like scrambling or hiking.  



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