What are the top apps for sports fans?

sports apps
We use our phones for everything! And sports watching, tracking and researching are no exceptions. Let's take a look at the best types of sports mobile apps available.


Many sports fans use their mobile device to track scores, predictions, and news stories, and these kinds of live apps are amongst the most popular. But there are plenty of other options, and you’ll find no shortage of sports-related apps available for your mobile, designed to inform, educate, and entertain. From games, quizzes, and fantasy leagues to coaching, training, and fitness, here are some of the most useful and widely used sports apps on the market.

Fun and Games

There are also countless games based around almost any sport you can think of, from curling to kendo. Some of those best suited to the mobile platform are management simulations and you won’t find any as highly rated as the legendary Championship Manager, a beloved title that has made its way seamlessly onto tablets and phones.

Those who prefer a bit of button mashing will also find no shortage of more action-based apps — usually with online multiplayer capabilities in order to compete with friends or strangers. 

Sports fans will also find plenty of slot machine games with themes ranging from football to fishing — the simplicity of the slot game format lends itself to different themes, as well as being able to incorporate elements of traditional gaming such as storyline, levels, and high-end graphics into the mix. To find sports slot games such as Big Football Bonus, Sports Bonanza, and Brian Lara: Sporting Legends, players can use casino or bingo apps that offer a range of slots and make them easy to play for beginners. And if sport isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll find slots with all kinds of other themes as well. 

Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy Leagues were popularised in the 1950s, with the first competitions based on the golfing season in the United States. In the UK fantasy football became a huge phenomenon in the early 1990s when the Premier League was in its infancy, even inspiring a much-loved spin-off comedy show, and the most famous English football song of all time (although aficionados agree that New Order’s World In Motion is superior).

Fantasy Premier League is still going strong, and fans can play via the main Premier League app. Many other major sporting leagues around the world feature fantasy games as well — the NFL fantasy league is worth an estimated $9 billion. 

Brain and Body

For those interested in activities with a competitive edge, quizzes are a great way to challenge others while brushing up on your trivia. Apps like Sports Fan Quiz add new questions each day, and 5000+ questions already in the database. There are tons of trivia apps to choose from, but most of them are US-focused. Trivia Quest is a global sports trivia/quiz app with titbits covering the entire world of sport, from Olympic weightlifting to Gaelic football. These kinds of apps let you compete with your friends, play against random online opponents, or simply test yourself wherever you may be with your mobile. 

Elite sport has become increasingly data-driven, and this trend has filtered down to grass-roots sport and personal training. Apps that track performance, diet, health, and can set training goals and regimens, meal plans and other factors can help both sports coaches and fitness fanatics. Some coaching apps even feature video capabilities — if you’re a coach you can give pointers to your players via your mobile. 

Sports Streaming 

Many of the networks will allow you to stream your favourite team’s games through their app. Some will be chargeable. Some free! The FA is allowing free streaming of many of the WSL games on its app this season!

We use our mobiles for just about everything, so it isn’t a surprise that sports-related apps are widespread, popular and influential. Whether you’re keeping tabs on your fantasy team, setting yourself training goals, or brushing up on trivia, you’ll find myriad options to suit you and your favourite sports.


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